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portrait of edgar allan poe

A Breakthrough Clue May Untangle the Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

For 174 years, we’ve wondered exactly what—or who—caused the author’s untimely demise. Is the true answer here at last?

By Michael Natale
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sample of dna being pipetted into a petri dish over genetic results

Is the Hack to Human Longevity Within Reach?

Yes, and no. You can’t live forever, but here’s what the research says about stretching out our healthy years.

By Connie Chang
Nov 7, 2023
treasure chest underwater

We May Have Just Found a Hidden Shipwreck

By Tim Newcomb
Nov 8, 2023
a truck carrying a container

The Army’s New Drone Killer Fries Them in Midair

By Kyle Mizokami
Nov 7, 2023
thumbs up and thumbs down

Psychologists Explain the Science of Attraction

By Caroline Delbert
Nov 7, 2023
slicing tomatoes on a maple cutting board

How to Make a DIY Side Grain Cutting Board

By Bradley Ford
Oct 31, 2023
portrait of a man shouting loud with halo of letters in chaotic order above his head angry muscled guy is yelling at something with closed fists voxel art 3d vector illustration

An AI Expert Says Singularity Is Just Years Away

By Tim Newcomb
Nov 9, 2023

How a Kilonova Explosion Could End Life on Earth

By Darren Orf
Nov 7, 2023
dji mini 2 drone folded up

How to Buy and Fly Your First Hobbyist Drone

By Matt Crisara
Aug 28, 2023
a black hole with bright white light surrounding it

Physics Says White Holes Exist. So Where Are They?

By Robert Lea
Nov 6, 2023
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silhouette of a free diver entering murky water

How One Amateur Group Did What Law Enforcement Couldn't—Solve Dozens of Cold Cases

Equipped with off-the-shelf sonar, inflatable rafts, and a pile of GoPro cameras, Adventures With Purpose found dozens of missing people. Then their own skeletons surfaced.

By Kathryn Miles
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a black computer tower

The Best Pre-Built Gaming PCs Reddit Recommends

lg oled tv, black friday cyber monday sale

The Best Black Friday TV Deals of 2023

a photo from the book made in america the industrial photography of chrisopher payne

Christopher Payne's Industrial Photography

best rc toys

The Best Remote Control Toys

illustration of lcls ii first light illustration greg stewartphotography alberto gamazoslac national accelerator laboratory

How the World’s Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Will Revolutionize Science

Deep under Menlo Park, California, is a three-mile-long machine that could transform our understanding of the very mechanisms of life.

By Robert Lea
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single prop plane during liftoff from airport

It’s a Lot Easier—and Cheaper—to Learn How to Fly Than You Think

sketches of db cooper with and without sunglasses with map or vancouver

Amateur Sleuth Sues For D.B. Cooper Clues

partially reconstructed fuselage of twa flight 800

13 Infamous Plane Crashes That Changed Aviation

a large blimp flying over a city

Coming Soon: Around-the-World Electric Flight

russia aviation sanctions

Can a Russian Jetliner Take Off from a Field?

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